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The Challenge of Being Fully Human

I am not one to rant, but I did enjoy Joey’s recent cathartic post. If you take a look at it, pay attention to your own responses and emotions as you read it.

I can relate to much of what Joey expresses. Many times I have felt despair, anger, and confusion about our predicament and what we are doing to the planet. I think it’s important to let myself have those feelings when they arise, and be honest about my reactions. Frankly, if you do not feel challenged by the current state of affairs, I think it’s time to check for a pulse.

I get impatient with some spiritual teachings that seem to advocate complete detachment from life. That’s held up as a goal. As if we are Vulcans. I get tired of hearing that the world of form and feeling is all illusion, and the spiritual adept must step beyond that.

Of course if you zoom out far enough, at some level these 14 billion years of unfolding form are just a blink of the cosmic eye. But we are not doing this living at that level. Part of us is always there, empty and unchanging, but much of our self is here in this existence, such as it is.

I think it’s important to be honest about the tendency to bypass. I gather I’m not the only one who thinks so. I was glad to see that the recent Nondual Wisdom and Psychology Conference had as its theme: “Spiritual Bypassing, True Intimacy and the Challenge of Being Fully Human.”

That challenge is really what Joey is writing about. It’s what I write about. It is difficult to be in this world of form, and to let yourself care about what happens. It is difficult to remain in the tension between inscendence and transcendence. Yet I suspect that’s what being fully human is all about.


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