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Good Work and Company

I have spent a little more time with “Healing” by Wendell Berry (from What are Humans For?) and am left with a warm feeling of fullness. I am sure I will return to this piece for years to come.  Good work finds the way between pride and despair. It graces with health. It heals with grace. It preserves the given so that it remains a gift. By it, we lose loneliness: we clasp the hands of those who go before us, and the hands of those who come after us; we enter the little circle of each other’s...

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Health and Wholeness

To be creative is only to have health: to keep oneself fully alive in the Creation, to keep the Creation fully alive in oneself, to see the Creation anew, to welcome one’s part in it anew. The most creative works are all strategies of this health.  ~ Wendell Berry In What are Humans For? Wendell Berry emphasizes over and over the notion that human beings are embedded in a larger, natural, creative process. Health exists only in the context of this whole. When we try to step outside of this...

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