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In A Dark Time

I respect the unflinching honesty of the folks over at the Dark Mountain Project. They are a group of artists and writers determined to stay present in the face of the inevitable disintegration of modern society. Our civilization is reaching its limits – physical, social, economic, technological, cultural, and spiritual. The Dark Mountaineers are not interested in debating this, nor in frantic attempts to prop up the dying empire. They want to know and express what it means to be human...

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Earthly Poem #2

Here in the Rockies we have had some late winter storms that have blessed us with snow. It inspires me to share this poem by Wallace Stevens. He captures the sense of timeless emptiness that we can be graced with in nature. The poem shows us how the strategic parts of ourselves (the parts that are always working the angles, forever trying to engineer something) fade away into the background when we are still and in our senses. Notice how the poet moves from mind, to sight, to sound. The...

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