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In A Dark Time

I respect the unflinching honesty of the folks over at the Dark Mountain Project. They are a group of artists and writers determined to stay present in the face of the inevitable disintegration of modern society. Our civilization is reaching its limits – physical, social, economic, technological, cultural, and spiritual. The Dark Mountaineers are not interested in debating this, nor in frantic attempts to prop up the dying empire. They want to know and express what it means to be human...

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The Challenge of Being Fully Human

I am not one to rant, but I did enjoy Joey’s recent cathartic post. If you take a look at it, pay attention to your own responses and emotions as you read it. I can relate to much of what Joey expresses. Many times I have felt despair, anger, and confusion about our predicament and what we are doing to the planet. I think it’s important to let myself have those feelings when they arise, and be honest about my reactions. Frankly, if you do not feel challenged by the current state of affairs, I...

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