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Demeter’s Welcome

  The old story goes that the beloved daughter Persephone resurfaces today, having spent winter in the underworld. She emerges with new wisdom gained from her time in the shadows and is joyously greeted by her mother Demeter, the goddess of earthly abundance, manifestation, creativity. Yet the underworld is also fertile, if in a different sort of way. The seed quickens in the dark womb of the soil. I’ve been reflecting on my own lessons from the underworld, contemplating what is ready to...

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This blog is about finding your true nature in nature. We spend a lot of time in the realm of abstract concepts. I did this as someone trained in the scientific method. I was trained to look at the world in terms of systems, categories, and facts. I didn’t like it. Ultimately, it didn’t seem true. Or perhaps it’s better to say that it seemed like a half-truth. So I began pursuing the deeper, hidden truths in the way that many modern people do: through a mystical path. At...

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