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Calling the Circle

    Months ago I signed up for a wild nature retreat for women to be held at the beginning of July. The intent of the gathering is to explore the sacred feminine and how we are embodying that energy in our own lives. To ground ourselves in that animating power. The retreat is to be held in Colorado’s mystical San Luis Valley, which has been a destination for spiritual pilgrimages for centuries. It’s one of the most sparsely populated parts of the state, and one of those...

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  Recently I spent a few days in Colorado‚Äôs San Luis Valley staying in a cabin perched on the Sangre de Cristos. The valley has a palpable presence that I can only describe as forceful. A powerful fullness. There is a human aspect to it, to be sure. But mostly it seems elemental. The Sangres reputedly were a destination for spiritual pilgrimages for native tribes since prehistoric times. Archaeologists found 9,000 year old arrowheads within a few miles our cabin. Nearby Blanca Peak is one...

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