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Book Review: Sky Above, Earth Below

I have heard wonderful things about John Milton and the spiritual wilderness experiences he guides through Sacred Passage, so I was very interested in reading his book Sky Above, Earth Below. My understanding is that the book was adapted from a sound recording series. Some of the weaknesses of the book may stem from the fact that it was not originally conceived and organized in written format. It has a feeling of being retrofitted. The first few pages of the book outline Milton’s “twelve...

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Snowy Sunday

We spent this morning skiing with the dogs, delighting in the new snow we received on Saturday. It was our own version of church. There was a choir of meadowlarks. Prayers were said. A young raptor glided over us and delivered a blessing. We are blessed. And grateful. I’ve been reading Sky Above, Earth Below, by John Milton. He has guided spiritual quests in nature for decades and the book describes a number of the practices that he uses. They are mainly kinesthetic, and many are derived...

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