Gleanings #3

I wanted to recommend two videos from a talk by David Abram. I’m reading his book Becoming Animal at the moment and loving it. These are short clips, and the quality is poor, but they are worth watching. In the first he speaks passionately of our flight from embodiment and its consequences. In … Continue reading

We Are Not Alone

 Our present economic and industrial systems can only function to the extent that we insulate ourselves from our love and our pain. ~ Charles Eisenstein In a recent piece entitled “Fear of a Living Planet,” Charles Eisenstein points out the collusion between scientism, our cultural … Continue reading

Contemplative Hiking

Yesterday I went on a contemplative hike with Margaret Emerson. I had not been on this particular hillside in over a year and it was like visiting an old friend. This early in April the swaths of three-leaf sumac are grey and brittle-looking. We walked through some flatter areas with stands of … Continue reading