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What We Are Losing: Community

  Around the solstice and new year’s eve I spent a lot of time sitting with the question of what I want to create in 2014. This wasn’t a practical, strategic kind of exercise, but rather an inquiry into what sort of energies I am wanting to expand or invite into my life. I use a practice called focusing and also deep imagery to work with such questions. This helps me get out of my rational mind and allows guidance to come from a deeper, somatic place. Something that kept coming up was the...

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  I come across quite a few inspiring blog posts, articles, and tidbits that relate to nature and spirituality and I want to start sharing them. But blogrolls and links pages are too static and quickly get stale. They also don’t give me much opportunity to comment on my selections. So I’m going to experiment with the idea of using this space to share my gleanings on a semi-regular basis. So here are this week’s gleanings. Think of them as recommended reading for the weekend. I enjoyed...

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