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The Story of Between

To do the possible, the old way works fine. When we have a map from A to B, we can just follow the directions. Now is not that time. The calculable results are not enough. We need miracles. We have caught a glimpse of our destination, the destination that hope foretells, but we have no idea how to get there. We walk an invisible path with no map and cannot see where any turning will lead.  ~Charles Eisenstein We are in between. Between the old story that is disintegrating and the new story...

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What We Are Losing: Community

  Around the solstice and new year’s eve I spent a lot of time sitting with the question of what I want to create in 2014. This wasn’t a practical, strategic kind of exercise, but rather an inquiry into what sort of energies I am wanting to expand or invite into my life. I use a practice called focusing and also deep imagery to work with such questions. This helps me get out of my rational mind and allows guidance to come from a deeper, somatic place. Something that kept coming up was the...

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We Are Not Alone

 Our present economic and industrial systems can only function to the extent that we insulate ourselves from our love and our pain. ~ Charles Eisenstein In a recent piece entitled “Fear of a Living Planet,” Charles Eisenstein points out the collusion between scientism, our cultural story of separateness, and our destruction of nature. He writes about our culture’s inability to tolerate the idea or experience of the planet as alive, let alone sacred. As he puts it, “science (as we have known...

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