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We Are Not Alone

 Our present economic and industrial systems can only function to the extent that we insulate ourselves from our love and our pain. ~ Charles Eisenstein In a recent piece entitled “Fear of a Living Planet,” Charles Eisenstein points out the collusion between scientism, our cultural story of separateness, and our destruction of nature. He writes about our culture’s inability to tolerate the idea or experience of the planet as alive, let alone sacred. As he puts it, “science (as we have known...

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Wild Mind Book Review

  In his latest book, Wild Mind, psychologist and wilderness soul guide Bill Plotkin asks the question: Where do healthy, mature cultures come from? He poses the question in the context of the ongoing destruction of the natural world through the expansion of a decidedly immature and toxic civilization. He suggests that the solution to our crises of resource scarcity, species loss, climate change, and ecological destruction is fundamentally cultural. The response to our predicament is to...

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