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Storyteller for Hire


credit: Jason Cheever


he asks the one about
her strengths and weaknesses
and she descends in déjà vu
her suit’s gray pinstripes
unfurl behind her
a trail of sage smoke

she rides the air currents
down soul canyon
to the shadowy bottom
alighting on a perch
of Vishnu’s schist
meditating on
on the steadiness
of rock that remembers
every story

he asks the one about
a time she showed
and fixed a problem
not a real
problem but
a made-up
knot of office consternation

he follows with the standard
hypothetical scenarios
the unreasonable superior
the tricky cubicle choreography
the lucky workarounds

she is soaring
spiraling sunward
scanning the sacred
sandstone layers for
just the right story
to share
her lips open and
a single black feather
floats out




  1. Hey, love it!

    • Thank you!

  2. Very cool… “a trail of sage smoke” … “a single black feather” … beautiful

    • Thank you!

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