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Snowy Sunday


We spent this morning skiing with the dogs, delighting in the new snow we received on Saturday.

It was our own version of church. There was a choir of meadowlarks. Prayers were said. A young raptor glided over us and delivered a blessing.

We are blessed. And grateful.

I’ve been reading Sky Above, Earth Below, by John Milton. He has guided spiritual quests in nature for decades and the book describes a number of the practices that he uses. They are mainly kinesthetic, and many are derived from or inspired by Qi Gong. Today I worked with the practice of consciously sharing energy with a non-human being. As Milton advises, I first asked permission and upon receiving it connected with one of the elders of the place — a cottonwood along the creek.

Almost immediately I was aware of waves of energy coming toward me from the tree. It was comforting, reassuring, and moved me to tears. I felt held and steadied. It struck me that such experiences are gifts that are available to us all the time. But we move through the world in a strange trance of oblivion.

We are so rarely really present here.

All around us the universe is constantly unfolding in glorious form, and we are mostly too busy or preoccupied to notice.

May I be grateful for the opportunity to be here and notice.

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