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credit: Rosika Voermans

credit: Rosika Voermans

Resolve is a powerful antidote to despair. The meaning and direction that bring depth to life rest upon the values and aspirations you treasure. Resolve is what translates your aspirations into reality. ~ Christina Feldman

I’m grateful for this reminder.

There’s a real firmness to resolve. Consulting my dictionary I find several definitions for this word, but my favorite comes from the world of music: “to make progress from dissonance to consonance”. Yes. This feels true. This sense of forward movement from fractured disharmony to alignment. From scattered to focused and clear.

There’s a sense of conviction in resolve that feels like a great relief. I have my share of doubts, floundering, and second guessing. I know it’s a great blessing to be graced by some insight, example, word, or action that shifts me back into conviction. There’s power and energy in conviction that can propel us forward when we have lost our way.

And there’s a sense of renewal and inspiration. A return to the essence of what’s true, to the energy of what wants to happen.

I am grateful for this moment and the opportunity it provides to move back into my center, into my resolve, into my place in this shining world of leaf and stone.


  1. Thank you for this post…I feel like it is a blessing upon my path as I attend freshman orientation tomorrow; thirty-four years after graduating high school, I am going to college. And, yes, as you say, I feel a “sense of renewal and inspiration. A return to the essence of what’s true, to the energy of what wants to happen.” I resolve to remain firm in spiritual voice, compassionate voice, sharing and communicating on the Gaia Path. even in the midst of an academic environment that will test me. I appreciate the synchronicity of reading this post today. Blessings!

    • How exciting to be at the beginning of such an adventure! I’m so glad this post served as a blessing. I’m honored now to witness your resolve as you set off on your journey, clear in your voice and your values.

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