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Poems for the Earth #3

credit: Petria Follett

credit: Petria Follett


I admit I have never been a huge fan of Emily Dickinson’s poems, even though I resonate with the themes she wrote about. I have always found a certain anxious nervousness in her writing that I find distracting. Maybe it’s all the dashes and exclamation points. But I do think it works here, perhaps because the poem is intentionally theatrical. In her breathless way she conveys a sense of reverence and delight in the sacredness of nature, and invites our applause.

I love that message. We are here to appreciate and applaud.


Like mighty footlights burned the red
At bases of the trees, —
The far theatricals of day
Exhibiting to these.

‘T was universe that did applaud
While, chiefest of the crowd,
Enabled by his royal dress,
Myself distinguished God.

~ Emily Dickinson


  1. Indeed. Your photo is simply wonderful, glorious instantly comes to mind.

    • Beautiful, isn’t it? Petria Follett took this photo. It reminded me of stage curtains and then this poem by ED came to mind. Thanks for your comment!

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