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Making Ecospirituality Real

Vandana Shiva speaks of the challenge of bringing ecospirituality into the real world. What does the spiritual principle that nature is sacred look like when given full expression? How odd that we seem to have this recurring problem of not being able to express our truth in the way that we live.

We already know what we should do. The thing is, the space for choice is severely limited.

We live in a fundamentally disempowering society. In every aspect of our lives we are dependent on technologies and systems, the complexity and scale of which we cannot even comprehend. These massive structures, like industrial agriculture, the financial sector, and the fossil fueled power grid, are out of our hands. Literally. The systems of governance through which we might pursue change are dysfunctional and corrupt. We have no confidence in them.

So we are left with small choices that seem trivial in the face of the ecological crisis before us. Isolated, individual gestures involving things like light bulbs, grocery bags, recycling. And this is deeply disheartening because we know it’s not nearly enough.

But we shouldn’t give up the question of how to make ecospirituality real. What does it look like? What could it look like?

I think we need to live in this question daily, because this is the seed of transformation, and transformation is what we need, not reform or sustainable development or the chimera of conscious capitalism. We are called to a much deeper transformation. We need to create new livelihoods and social systems that grow out of a sense of the sacredness of nature.

Who do we need to become to create that?

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