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Guest Post: Moon & Stars

I’m so grateful to my friend Wendy for agreeing to let me post this wonderful piece on my blog. You can learn more about Wendy on her website.




By Wendy Robertson Fyfe

I look up to Orion, constellation on the surface of the Universe. It is a clear, sharp winter’s night. Sparkles glisten in the dark and as l stare, l am drawn in….drawn in to a memory and felt sense of star within me….a human star carried in the core of our bones and flesh, along with the Universal song from the beginnings…. At what point did we forget, l wonder…or was it a slow happening that became unnoticed as we forgot to sing song back into the sparkling dark. What might happen if we sang out the songs now so the Universe knows we remember…..

Instead…… I see, again, on this other internet world, an advert ….you can name a star and you can buy an acre of the moon for £10, or £9.99 to be more precise. You get a certificate. It’s become a very quick financial exchange is promised (to some) in what has become our 3 minute dominant Western culture. Now you may think here is a bargain and many folk are, indeed, naming and buying. In fact over 1,000 stars named last time l looked..that’s a good quick buck for a few.

So what happened? Where is the dream of the stars? What happens to the ‘Hidden Heart of the Universe’ Brian Swimme speaks of in each of our human hearts? And where does star energy go? Does it disappear into a black hole…maybe like this selling of naming a star, or buying an acre of the moon as ‘entertainment’. One story about this might be as a distortion of remembering our true belonging and connection already with moon and stars when a clear channel cannot be expressed. We are OF the moon and stars, created by and with them already, are we not? Is it possible to really sell/buy something that is integral to one’s own body already? It appears so…and how marketing an ‘object’ works by an act of separating like ‘mother with child’ becomes foetus. Another distortion of ways we connect with stars might be the way we associate stars with particular people, usually ‘other’ such as the ‘movie star’ and give our own brightness and desire away to them.

Another story might be that the significance of such a large sale shows a shared desire to be deeply connected to a star through a meaningful person for whom the star is named. The word desire has its roots in the stars: Latin, to ‘await what the stars will bring’; Old French early 13C, de sidere, ‘from the stars’ and sideris ‘heavenly body, star, constellation’ ‘comes from star‘, Maybe ‘desire’ is a way for the stars to still reach us. Then Orion, with its gold dying star and blue birthing star reminds us of connection with the Ancestors….naming a star for ones who have died and passed into the Ancestral world…naming a star for one just born and the future ones whilst we find our place between on this earthly plain. Good soul Astrologers know about the impact and influence of stars with each one of us.

Maybe it is also the dream of the stars for us to forget so that we journey into return, might long for, might pilgrimage to remembering through the uniqueness of each one of us millions singing a particular piece back into wholeness. Maybe, there is something here like “..the universal mutual attraction (or eros) we now call gravity” that David Abram speaks of in ‘Spell of the Senses’ and that this creates “an allurement made possible by the distance between things” (David Abram) thus necessitating a separation of sorts. In our either/or culture it can be difficult to hold that we are both separate and connected (and more) in a multiplicity of ways all at the same time.

So another story might be of our being named by the stars. Our journey to that name will take more time than sending a certificate in the post and hanging it on a wall. It is a journey with Mystery, a journey to Soul, and to our deepest place, belonging, naming and purpose. It is a courageous adventure of beauty, grief, joy and more. It can take a lifetime.

Our culture does not recognise this journey. Therefore true guides to the return are few and we get blocked…maybe in illness, or war, or breakdown without breakthrough, medicated, or buying an “acre of the moon perhaps”…. In following this dominant culture’s story we also block the passage of other creatures and life: the waterways, the salmon, the stag and deer, the birds, the trees and so on. The current culture depends on us not setting out on this journey of remembering, instead it offers…’here, a certificate can be yours’…If we set out on the journey of remembering, it is likely that this culture would have to change for it could not, would not, remain as it is. But at least there is something ‘starry’ still there (how can it not) that might light a spark in a memory beyond ‘ownership’.

But meanwhile, it seems to me, in this dominant Western Cultural narrative the ‘bargain’ of ‘sale’ is actually a de-sacration of what it means to be a full human being. It is an example of how it is that we dishonour ourselves and this magnificent Intelligent, Imaginative, Soulfull, Mysterious Universe that we have the extraordinary privilege of experiencing, being part of, and participating with in service. And maybe in the dying star of our current culture dark hole/womb it will be possible to give birth to a different story…

I know which story l’m choosing to live by now, and l’ve remembered the song of praise on my lips that l’m singing out in the sparkling night to Orion. What about you?




  1. Hi Ruth. I’m about to go vote today in the Illinois primary. This wonderful piece reminds me of a term Robert Sardello uses. Ironic imagination. Holding contradictions without seeking to resolve them. Living the questions as Rilke says. My mind does not seem capable of holding these many contradictions. But sometime I sense a feeling, my soul I think, can carry these things. In the moonlight, the starlight, the sunlight and the darkness.

    • Fancy meeting you out here in left field. Welcome. I too am enjoying Wendy’s invitation to brood… particularly on the question of “what the stars will bring,” and how they will or will not name me. Or — perhaps more likely — the possibility that they have, and I am in the process of remembering.

      • The little braid of fate and destiny. Interesting little book I just finished called Memory Theater. Interweaving fact and fiction, astrology and philosophy. How the history of a philosophy of memory/remembering intersects the author/main character’s life. …”those four eyebrows appraising me.” Ha.

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