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Glimpses of Magic

Wow. Even though I admit I have a hard time understanding what this guy is saying (can’t make out his accent), I’m totally inspired. Words are secondary. Here, meaning is conveyed in a language far older than words.

It’s not the fact that he has sacrificed financial gain to follow his passion… or that he pursues it in spite of hardship and injury… What inspires me is the depth of his relationship with this beautiful, rugged coast. And the way that he has shaped his life around this connection. The way his life is a dance of belonging to this particular place. A continual ritual of appreciation and wonder and love.

I’m inspired because I want to live this way too. So grateful to Mickey Smith for his example. Deep bow.


  1. Sunday morning in the mountains…dark, rainy and gray today. Who cares? It’s Spring! Loved the video. Swap you this one …

    • Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to leave me a comment! I appreciate it. And also thank you for leaving the video… although I have to admit I feel mixed about this one. Perhaps it’s kind of a perfect statement on where we are as a species. While it’s lovely to see two young women on the kind of adventure I wish we all could take, the sight of this many starlings on this continent really depresses me.

  2. A gift turned sour! My apologies!

    Starlings are somewhat similar to human beings. Dominance Isn’t intentional with starlings though … and the imbalance of their numbers in places is due to our own meddling. I’ve learned from my relationship with them so the trouble they get into doesn’t temper my awe in watching their flight patterns.

    When I first encountered their raucous exuberance I was living out in the country feeding the birds during the long winter months. Flocks of starlings and grackles would descend alternately. It was like watching a college frat party or tables at a department store grand sale day…. The smaller birds just side stepped the posturing and antics or waited in the tree limbs.

    Now that I live in a city, I look forward to seeing when they take over a whole tree for an afternoon with some important meeting, everyone talking at once… reminding me of when we all lived in closer relationship.

    I woke this morning wondering… if we could graphically track our virtual communication patterning…as we are communicating right here…if the patterns would be as beautiful as murmuration.

    Again, my apologies!

    • Please, no need to apologize. I just wanted to be transparent about my own ambivalence. It speaks to a loss of innocence. A desire to not pretend everything is peachy out of some sense of politeness or avoidance. Hope you understand.

      • The way I see it…is that things have not been OK for a long, long time… to stay attuned to this without despair, to feel everything deeply and still remain open is our inheritance. It is something I stay committed to. I can tell from your writing that these concerns also guide your life.

        I go hiking with a dear friend. While we’re in the woods she suffers the airplane trails criss crossing the sky above, counting them and feeling angry and overwhelmed. Which is better? Seeing the trail we’re walking on or the endless trails in the sky? I suppose it is a choice. It doesn’t make either of us more or less concerned … and we both enjoy ourselves being out there together.

        I’ve enjoyed our discourse!

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