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Gleanings #2

Time to share some more gleanings from my internet wanderings.

The metaphor of addiction came up a couple of times, describing our predicament. First, in this interview of Jungian psychologist Marion Woodman. The interview barely scratches the surface. I wish it was longer. A short clip from a film about Woodman’s life and views is included. The film looks fascinating, with Andrew Harvey as interviewer. I hope to have some time soon to watch this.

Addiction came up again in this rambling satirical piece by John Michael Greer about the death of the abstract representation of humanity by petroleum overdose. Ah, if only we had a 12 step program for the industrial growth society.

Joanna Macy speaks of the necessity of uncertainty in this video. This is a clip from a film about the hopeful shift Macy calls “the great turning.” I’m not sure whether the film was ever completed. Perhaps not.

And finally, it is a rare treat to hear Wendell Berry share his poems and wisdom. He also talks about uncertainty and the need for patience, right action, and surrender. There’s something about his groundedness in his life on the land that gives his words, whether written or spoken, an exceptional authority. So inspiring.

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