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End of the Road


Thanks to my husband’s regular reminders, I’m aware of the phenomenon whereby we selectively register information that reinforces our existing views. Perhaps I am guilty of that. I’m the first to admit that I am skeptical of gadgets and the way that our over-reliance on technology distorts our experience.

Given those disclaimers, I find myself wanting to share the news story about the man who drove off an abandoned freeway, inadvertently killing his wife, because he was apparently paying more attention to his GPS that his surroundings. Shit.

I can’t be the only one who sees this as a metaphor for our culture.

He had so much faith in the robot voice telling him what to do that he drove past the “road closed” signs and bright orange barriers and straight off the end of the road.

We are doing this too. Maybe in an equally dramatic fashion. Time will tell. We don’t see it yet, because our perspective has collapsed, like the man in the car. We have been trained out of using our bodies, our senses, our hearts, our intuition, our deepest knowing. Our faculties of presence are broken. Maybe we are all strapped in, pedal to the metal, full speed toward oblivion.

Will we open our eyes and see the end of the pavement in time?

What does it take to break the spell?




  1. An apt and powerful metaphor for our times, Ruth. Let’s hope that those of us who see the dangers ahead and share them with a human voice are able to prevent disaster. We’re like the passengers in the car speeding toward the end of the pavement. One wonders if his wife saw it coming and voiced her warning only to be ignored because the one in charge trusted the technical assurance everything was alright…

    • Yes, sometimes I do feel like a passenger in the car yelling for the driver to stop. So frustrating!

  2. Great point; well said.

    • Thanks Karel!

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