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Demeter’s Welcome

credit: Deirdre60

credit: Deirdre60


The old story goes that the beloved daughter Persephone resurfaces today, having spent winter in the underworld.

She emerges with new wisdom gained from her time in the shadows and is joyously greeted by her mother Demeter, the goddess of earthly abundance, manifestation, creativity.

Yet the underworld is also fertile, if in a different sort of way. The seed quickens in the dark womb of the soil.

I’ve been reflecting on my own lessons from the underworld, contemplating what is ready to emerge with me into the daylight. What am I bringing into consciousness? What new shoots am I cultivating in my own life? What insights have I gained from the shadows?

Spring arrives.

My wish for you at this time – for all of us – is that same return: Persephone’s return into the loving embrace of the beautiful, exuberant, generous Mother. May you bask in the celebration of re-emergence and renewal.

Perhaps like me you will mark the day with a ceremony. Yes. Let our generous Earth Mother welcome you back. Let yourself be deeply received in the warmth and joy of this unfolding life.


  1. It’s interesting, in the southern hemisphere we are heading into autumn and winter, the days are getting shorter and colder. It’s not quite fair to say it’s going to sleep though. While the european trees are losing their leaves, the native ones are having a growth spurt. In my part of Australia the native plants go dormant in the heat of late summer so autumn is a kind of reawakening.

    • Thanks for the great comment. It’s nice to be reminded of places where things go into dormancy in summer/heat and spring alive in autumn. Perhaps there are no universal patterns on this planet. Perhaps that’s one of the points She’s making through all these endlessly varied forms. But one thing I do observe is, as a friend of mine said recently, “life and death are the original lovers”… No matter the season or situation, it does seem like there’s always something that’s passing and something else that is arising. Nature is constantly doing this, and so are we. I try in my way to bring this into consciousness and move through my own arising and passing away with awareness and intention. Easier said that done!

      • Yes, that’s a beautiful reflection. I love the way we can be held and mirrored by the more-than-human world. I also love the way those ancient stories can lead us into finding ourselves and finding wisdom there.

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