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Book Review: Sky Above, Earth Below

I have heard wonderful things about John Milton and the spiritual wilderness experiences he guides through Sacred Passage, so I was very interested in reading his book Sky Above, Earth Below. My understanding is that the book was adapted from a sound recording series. Some of the weaknesses of the book may stem from the fact that it was not originally conceived and organized in written format. It has a feeling of being retrofitted. The first few pages of the book outline Milton’s “twelve...

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Contemplative Hiking

Yesterday I went on a contemplative hike with Margaret Emerson. I had not been on this particular hillside in over a year and it was like visiting an old friend. This early in April the swaths of three-leaf sumac are grey and brittle-looking. We walked through some flatter areas with stands of dried up mullein, still standing at attention. My husband threw his back out recently and we’ve been working with mullein tincture as a remedy. I paused to study the rosettes of fuzzy leaves coming back...

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