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Gleanings #3

I wanted to recommend two videos from a talk by David Abram. I’m reading his book Becoming Animal at the moment and loving it. These are short clips, and the quality is poor, but they are worth watching. In the first he speaks passionately of our flight from embodiment and its consequences. In the second he tells a marvelous story about an encounter with the more-than-human world. Lovely. I also enjoyed this interview of Paul Kingsnorth by Rob Hopkins of the Transition Towns movement. Having...

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Gleanings #2

Time to share some more gleanings from my internet wanderings. The metaphor of addiction came up a couple of times, describing our predicament. First, in this interview of Jungian psychologist Marion Woodman. The interview barely scratches the surface. I wish it was longer. A short clip from a film about Woodman’s life and views is included. The film looks fascinating, with Andrew Harvey as interviewer. I hope to have some time soon to watch this. Addiction came up again in this rambling...

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  I come across quite a few inspiring blog posts, articles, and tidbits that relate to nature and spirituality and I want to start sharing them. But blogrolls and links pages are too static and quickly get stale. They also don’t give me much opportunity to comment on my selections. So I’m going to experiment with the idea of using this space to share my gleanings on a semi-regular basis. So here are this week’s gleanings. Think of them as recommended reading for the weekend. I enjoyed...

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