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Calling the Circle


Sangre de Cristos


Months ago I signed up for a wild nature retreat for women to be held at the beginning of July. The intent of the gathering is to explore the sacred feminine and how we are embodying that energy in our own lives. To ground ourselves in that animating power.

The retreat is to be held in Colorado’s mystical San Luis Valley, which has been a destination for spiritual pilgrimages for centuries. It’s one of the most sparsely populated parts of the state, and one of those places where the mountains are so mind-blowing they make it impossible not to feel puny. For good reason the Spaniards invoked the blood of Christ in naming the eastern range. I have been looking forward to a week sleeping on the land in that glorious valley. I’ve also felt a longing to connect with the other women called to sit around this camp fire.

Recently, I spoke with one of the facilitators who informed me that I was the only person who had signed up! Shit. I was beyond disappointed. Cancellation would be the logical course of action. Right?

Yet as we spoke we settled into a sense that the whole thing was still in play. Unconcluded. Still forming. And we agreed to continue to hold the intention of the gathering and see what might emerge. Since then a couple more people have signed up and it’s looking more likely that a small circle of sisters may yet come together.

My intuition moved me to post about it here. Perhaps there is an unknowing member of this circle who will read this and find herself called to this adventure…



  1. May your sisters circle around you for this beautiful excursion into Gaia and Self. Colorado is my soul home! May you be nourished and blessed.

    • Thank you for the blessing!

  2. I am so glad you did not cancel, not yet, and maybe not at all. That is always an option, and as you say, perhaps this post will bring others. I hope so.

    • I hope it works out. Thanks!


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