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La Perfeccion

Posted by on 4:14 pm in Poetry | 1 comment

My Honduran neighbor buys a Hummer and washes it every day. Lovingly, he strokes it with the finest lint-free chamois, applying layers of special chemicals to every gleaming surface. He decides to cut down down the silver maple next to the driveway to prevent pollen from coating it and to keep it safe from robin droppings. He removes the tires weekly, to clean the brake pads and axles. After double cafeteria shifts required by the payments he sits in his garage beside the car and lets it idle, listening to the music of the engine. He does not...

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Guest Post: Moon & Stars

Posted by on 8:04 pm in Ecospirituality, Guest Blogger | 3 comments

I’m so grateful to my friend Wendy for agreeing to let me post this wonderful piece on my blog. You can learn more about Wendy on her website.     By Wendy Robertson Fyfe I look up to Orion, constellation on the surface of the Universe. It is a clear, sharp winter’s night. Sparkles glisten in the dark and as l stare, l am drawn in….drawn in to a memory and felt sense of star within me….a human star carried in the core of our bones and flesh, along with the Universal song from the beginnings…. At what point did we forget, l...

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Anxiety, Apathy and Choice

Posted by on 2:43 pm in Ecospirituality, Resources, Teachers | 3 comments

The other day I watched a talk by Renee Lertzman, a researcher and consultant who works on how to communicate effectively around the environmental crisis. Her approach has to do with using insights and tools from psychoanalysis and psychotherapy to support people in experiencing their complex and often conflicting feelings around these troubling issues. I noticed that Joanna Macy was in the audience where Lertzman was speaking and her work was frequently given the nod. Even so, the challenge that Lertzman is rightly grappling with is how to...

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Posted by on 2:34 pm in Ecospirituality, Poetry | Comments Off on Six

There is a way she has of lying down behind me when I sit out on the lawn that is both invitation and request. I reach back and plow my fingers through the arctic fur to work the muscles in her neck. She presses a blunt white paw into my ribs for leverage and the fire in her hazel eye sparks and smolders. We remember the land bridge. The crossing we made together. And we confirm anew this old, mammalian pledge of fang and thumb. This co-dependence of six legs....

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Switching the Bubbles

Posted by on 7:46 am in Ecospirituality, Practices, Teachers | 6 comments

I’m hearing a soft, flat whistle from somewhere in front of me, but it’s impossible to tell exactly which direction. Seep! Followed by silence. Something is making the birds anxious enough that they will no longer reveal their location. Later when we go inside, Jon Young explains that what I heard was a robin alarming. This particular call is strategically difficult to pinpoint. As he pieces together observations from others in the group, a pattern emerges. The alarms and subsequent wave of silence moving across the marsh and meadow most...

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The Apple Tree Episode

Posted by on 12:08 pm in Blog, society | 4 comments

  My husband climbs into the car loaded with several sacs of apples and mutters, “I had an encounter with the New Boulder.” “Uh oh,” I respond. For my dear husband, late September often means apple-foraging. Through years of cycling the county’s backroads, he developed a mind map of the apple trees along the rights of way. A few years ago we planted a couple of trees on our property and foraging elsewhere has been unnecessary. But our trees, along with many others in the area, took this year off. This morning he found a tree at the mouth...

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Posted by on 10:10 pm in Poetry | 1 comment

  Relief softens his form as he flattens himself on the floor, nose resting at my heel. Paws subtly flex and curl. Tension flows into the grain of the oak. Five hours of fear, chain link and concrete, and the sting of being ignored. His eyes close. He is happy. Now in my kitchen with his ear flap smooth against the cool wood his broad nose blows small puffs of warmth at my heel. He relaxes. How easy it is to give comfort. How lucky when kindness is simple. This one just wanting release from the hurt of confinement and my foot close by....

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Conscious Companionship

Posted by on 2:30 pm in Blog, society | 5 comments

  Reading a few things lately by Daniel Pinchbeck, I appreciate the way that he’s willing to talk about consciousness. Even so, I find myself wishing he would go a little further. I want to step beyond the lonely, claustrophobic bubble of humanism, and frankly, the techno-utopias of transhumanism give me the fucking willies. We need to shift our consciousness to include a sensing of how we are companioned by other beings. We need to rejoin the others. This has to be something that we experience and live on a daily basis. Not just...

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Surprising Coyote

Posted by on 6:56 pm in Poetry | 6 comments

  The thing I least expect is to be tricked into laughing. My plan is to blubber and wallow. It’s going well. I am stewing in my stories of defeat. This I choose. But I am not the only one here. And I am not the only one who chooses. I am interrupted by the arrival of the Sacred Fool. A springy young male emerges from the willows. He is so close I smell the forest on his fur. I am levitating in delight. He doesn’t see me. Now he does! Leaps in a goofy spasm, darting away with his ears pinned back. No. Hold on. This One is coyote. He...

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Dreams for Earth Day

Posted by on 8:43 am in Ecospirituality, Poetry | 3 comments

As usual, I’d like to share a poem this Earth Day. I must admit I don’t actually like this poem that much. No, let me rephrase that. I don’t like the way the second stanza is composed. But in its way it has a conversation my heart wants to have. And in my way of thinking, that’s about the most you can ask of a poem. The question of what the hell to do with myself in these times is one I have grappled with for years. I left my career in the environmental movement mainly because in my experience conventional activism is...

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